Our carefully selected group of partners ensures quality and professionalism exude in every facet of your event.

While the venues at the Buford Community Center provide the perfect backdrop for your event, we realize there are many other elements that must come together to create your image of perfection. Years of event planning experience has guided our selection of partners, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the level of quality, expertise they offer.

Preferred Partners

Our super preferred catering company, Proof of the Pudding, will create a culinary masterpiece for any occasion, and our other supporting partners—with the help of our staff—will ensure that your next event exceeds your expectations.


The Buford Community Center requires utilization of a caterer from our Approved Caterers list. While you may choose any caterer featured on this list for food and beverage, Proof of the Pudding is the sole alcohol/bar service provider. Superior in their field, these industry experts are hand-selected to complement and enhance your occasion.

Outdoor Event Vendors

While the Buford Community Center has a list of preferred catering halls partners to serve weddings, banquets and other special occasions, we also utilize a more diverse group of vendors for concerts, movies and other events at our outdoor Amphitheater.

Quality, reliability and professionalism are key if you want to become one of our vendors. If you think your company has what it takes, contact us with your qualifications for our consideration.

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